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American Kuhne, Inc. is a manufacturer of high technology extrusion machinery, providing value and benefits far beyond competitive suppliers. The American corporation is formed in partnership with one of Europe's premier extrusion machinery suppliers, Kuhne GmbH, of St. Augustine, Germany. All of our extruders are designed, manufactured, and supported by our hands-on team with over 500 years of experience from our Ashaway, Rhode Island facility.

American Kuhne, Inc. supplies single screw extruders, feed screws, extrusion systems and extrusion process controllers. Founded 12 years ago, American Kuhne has now sold over 1,000 extruders and over US$130 million worth of equipment installed around the world.

Extruders range from 1/2” through 12-inch. They are designed and built in Ashaway, RI. Turn-key pipe, tubing and profile systems are also developed, tested and manufactured in Ashaway, RI. In addition, the company also maintains a fully instrumented extrusion lab with a high-speed computerized data acquisition system available for free customer trials.

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