About Precision Extrusion Technologies

Precision Extrusion Technologies is the partnership of UK-based InLine Measurement Systems and

Ireland-based Padraic Lunn Enterprises Ltd to provide leading-edge extrusion equipment to the European Plastic Industries.

Precision Extrusion Technologies can supply full turnkey bespoke extrusion systems, stand-alone Extruders, replacement Screws & Barrels, Extrusion Tooling, Measurement & Control Solutions, Material Handling and drying equipment, cooling/sizing tanks, pullers cutters and saws.

All equipment can be customised and tailored to suit end user requirements.

Extrusion consultancy and customised training services also available.

UK Office

In Line Measurement Systems

Tel + 44 7714 230 311

E-mail: [email protected]


Ireland Office

Padraic Lunn Enterprises Ltd

Tel +353 86 8093406

E-mail: [email protected]